Codelist Item List

Returns a list of IATI codelist values stored in OIPA.

request parameters

  • code (optional): Comma separated list of codes on the codelist.
  • vocabulary (optional): Comma separated list of .
  • category (optional): Comma separated list of categories (if applicable for the codelist).


API request may include ordering parameter. This parameter controls the order in which results are returned.

Results can be ordered by:

  • name

The user may also specify reverse orderings by prefixing the field name with '-', like so: -name

Result details

Each item contains all information on the codelist items being shown.

GET /api/codelists/HumanitarianScopeVocabulary/
						Allow: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS
						Content-Type: application/json
						Vary: Accept
        "code": "1-2",
        "name": "Glide"
        "code": "2-1",
        "name": "Humanitarian Plan"
        "code": "99",
        "name": "Reporting Organisation"